Edward Schumacher-Matos


Edward Schumacher-Matos brings years of experience to his leadership role at Oleum Technology. His successful careers in both academics and business have resulted in a unique combination of talents specifically suited for his CEO role at this oil technology enterprise. Besides being a recognized expert in the global movements of oil, energy and information, Mr. Schumacher- Matos maintains a global network of top-level contacts in the oil industry, as well as, governments around the world.

Mr. Schumacher-Matos’ path to this role began as a lieutenant in the US military during the Vietnam War, leading large-scale construction projects in South Vietnam - often in dangerous conditions - for which he was awarded the Bronze Star for Service. From there Mr. Schumacher-Matos obtained a graduate degree in the study of international oil policy from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tuft’s University. Along the way he studied undersea resources at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, oil industry strategy at Harvard University and was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study Asian energy and oil strategy in Japan.

His articles on the Asian nuclear and plutonium industries led to a job at the Philadelphia Inquirer where he was part of the Pulitzer Prize winning team of writers reporting on the Three Mile Island nuclear plant accident. From there, Mr. Schumacher-Matos joined The New York Times, where he wrote about oil, economic policy, and politics in Latin America and North Africa, lecturing widely to business organizations and foreign policy institutes. Later, he went to The Wall Street Journal, where he founded and ran the highly successful Latin American editions of the Journal, which were published across 17 countries in Spanish and Portuguese. Mr. Schumacher-Matos left the Journal to start his own chain of Spanish-language newspapers in Texas, hiring more than 160 people and launching four dailies in five months in Houston, San Antonio, Austin and the Rio Grand Valley.

After leaving the newspaper industry, Mr. Schumacher-Matos taught for four years at Harvard University where became engrossed in researching the developments in digital technology and mass communication. As a result, Mr. Schumacher-Matos was brought to Columbia University as a visiting professor in digital media strategy, while simultaneously working on outside business projects in that field. Mr. Schumacher-Matos also served as an ombudsman for National Public Radio where he was charged with holding NPR’s editors and reporters accountable for biases and errors in their reporting.

In addition to his role at Oleum, Mr. Schumacher-Matos oversees the Edward R. Murrow Center for a Digital World at the Fletcher School of Law, he advises the global tech fund, North Base Media, and is a consultant to a number of international businesses. He has served on the board of an international stock investment fund, as well as, being a fellow at the World Economic Forum. He is on the boards of the prestigious IE Graduate School of Business in Madrid and the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington. Also, he is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations for whom he was a featured speaker - along with Sen. John McCain, General David Petraeus, and Spain’s King Felipe – at their Bucharest conference.


James Hatch


James Hatch serves as the CFO of Oleum Technology, LLC, providing the company with a depth of financial, accounting, human capital, sales, business law, and entrepreneurial experience rarely found in a startup executive. Mr. Hatch brings with him over 30 years of experience serving the boards and CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies and hedge funds. Some of his clients included: Amoco, Mobile Oil, Martha Stewart (during the formation of her company), Harry Stonecipher (prior to his position as CEO of Boeing), The Federal Reserve Banks of Washington and Chicago, IBM, Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Ford, Bank of New York, AstraZeneca, and The National Health Service of England.

Mr. Hatch began his career as a US Marine during the Vietnam War, receiving the prestigious appointments to the US Embassy Guard and the Presidential
Guard. From there he graduated cum laude from Northern Illinois University with BS and MBA degrees. He is a Certified Public Accountant, an honors graduate of the Bank Administration Institute Program at the University of Wisconsin. He has completed the Management Development Program at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School and studied for a Master of Taxation certification at DePaul University. Mr. Hatch co-authored a book with the former US Comptroller General, David Walker, titled, “Delivering On The Promise: How to Attract, Manage and Retain Human Capital”.

A born entrepreneur, he founded and grew 6 major successful consulting practices and three major software businesses. Aside from being a trusted advisor to major businesses, Mr. Hatch has become widely known for his ability to teach and develop consultants, students, and business professionals. His skill for molding executives and growing businesses will serve Oleum well as it grows from start-up to an international success.

After college, Mr. Hatch began his career with the Northern Trust Bank and Trust, in Chicago where he managed over 25 CPAs and MBAs and was responsible for all financial reporting. Mr. Hatch was a principal at The Bank Administration Institute where he ran the Financial and Accounting Conference for the Banking Industry each year, conducting major accounting research and writing the “Community Bank Handbook” that is still read today by community bank financial managers throughout the country.  Thereafter, Mr. Hatch became a banking industry consultant at Deloitte where he ran a practice to advise bank management on a variety of topics including: financial reengineering, strategic planning, executive compensation, hedging of bank assets, mergers and acquisitions, ALCO policy and many other financial matters.

Mr. Hatch has held consulting and executive leadership positions as Senior Partner at Price Waterhouse   Coopers, New York and was the National Managing Partner of Silicon Valley based, The Saratoga Institute (a wholly owned subsidiary of PwC.), which he grew from a $1 million annual business to a $100 million global giant in the area of human capital metrics. He was Executive Vice President, board member, and National Consulting Practice Leader at the Compensation Resource Group, a Managing Partner of Arthur Andersen’s Northeast human capital services practice, the Midwest market leading partner of Ernst & Young’s ABC consulting services practice, the Financial Institutions Practice Leader in the Chicago office of Towers Perrin,   and ran the Midwest region executive pay, sales force effectiveness, and gain sharing practices division for Hay Management Consultants. He was also a financial management executive at the Northern Trust Bank and a principle at the Bank Administration Institute.  Mr. Hatch was co-founder and CEO of Talentscope, which  created the first SASS based integrated talent management system, winning Oracle’s Partner of the Year in 2008.

When Mr. Hatch recognized the economic potential of the SIP system and the impact it would have on the global oil industry, he co-founded Oleum Technology. His years of experience have provided him the insight to recognize that Oleum will become a global success story in the world’s oil industry.

Alexis M. Schumacher-Villasante


Alexis Mercedes Schumacher-Villasante, the Chief Marketing Officer of  Oleum, brings a wealth of proven entrepreneurial experience and knowledge to the job. Ms. Schumacher-Villasante is widely recognized for her marketing, organizational, social, and language skills. She is a tireless campaigner, traveling the world on behalf of Oleum Technology.

A graduate of the prestigious London School of Economics, Ms. Schumacher- Villasante dedicated the years after college to following her artistic passion. She launched a career as a singer/songwriter, producing recordings and directing shows in New York and London. As a result of her tireless efforts she amassed a large portfolio of self-authored songs in the jazz genre, which resulted in her signing a publishing deal with BMI. Working together with Richard Nile - who had produced Ray Charles, Tina Turner and Eric Clapton – she co-produced her first album. In New York, Ms. Schumacher-Villasante, signed a production deal with Russ Titleman, known for producing Randy Newman, the Bee Gees, James Taylor and many others. Ms. Schumacher- Villasante signed two publishing and artist deals with Universal Music Publishing, collaborating with its writers and producers in all genres. She wrote a one-woman show called “Love In The Time Of Colonics,” which she directed, performed and self-financed off-Broadway. Universal took the show to London for a limited run.

Another focus of Ms. Schumacher-Villasante’s life is her commitment to community service. She has offered free training in low-income neighborhoods, churches and community centers.

Although the combination of creativity and perseverance she acquired during those early years would serve her well, Ms. Schumacher-Villasante decided to broaden her focus beyond art and service. As a result she turned her talents to the world of finance. She focused her efforts in the home of her ancestors and the Colombia copper production and trading industry. Ms. Schumacher-Villasante organized a bi-weekly supply chain of artisanal copper shipments to China. Through her contacts in the copper market, she was introduced to the inventor of Oleum’s SIP technology, who was already working with Oleum CFO James Hatch. Ms. Schumacher-Villasante subsequently suggested that her father, and future CEO, Edward Schumacher-Matos’ oil industry contacts would be an invaluable asset to the company.

As Oleum’s Director of Marketing and Sales, she has been the driving force behind Oleum’s sales success in Colombia, Mexico, and Oman. She is responsible for bringing in Alkhorayef, the Saudi oil-services company, to work with Oleum in their project with Colombia’s Ecopetrol. She has also organized and directed Oleum engineers in advance of tests in Colombia and Mexico. Although an artist at heart, Ms. Schumacher-Villasante has transitioned successfully into an oil industry executive who is at the heart of Oleum’s success.

Richard Phelps


Richard Phelps is Oleum’s Europe, Middle East, and Asia Marketing Director. Managing Oleum offices in England and Japan, Mr. Phelps provides Oleum over 20 years of experience as a business development and management consultant. He is an established business builder and successful investor in the renewable energy, analytics, food supplements, digital media and property sectors.

A graduate of the University of Oxford, Richard was a Partner at Price Waterhouse Coopers for approximately 10 years before establishing his specialist business advisory practice. At PwC he was a global consulting leader in the Human Capital Management Practice with revenues of $1billion+.

Richard brings tremendous value to Oleum Technology through his knowledge of global best practices, business development and his extensive contacts throughout the EMEA region.

Luis Boscan


Luis Boscan, Chief Engineer of Oleum Technology, belongs to the “sons of PDVSA” – Venezuelan engineers who started working at the Venezuelan state oil company (PDVSA) from an early age.  Born and raised in Maracaibo – the Houston of Venezuela – Luis started working for PDVSA at the age of 18 first as a field technician and then as a facilities engineer.  Simultaneously, he got a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at the Universidad del Zulia – the most important oil engineering university in Venezuela, based in Maracaibo – where he also got a Master’s in Industrial Safety.  Luis then went to work for Maxi Oil in Maracaibo, where he was Manager of Operations for seven years, before heading to Quito, Ecuador, where he was Manager of Operations for Brit Energy for four years.  Throughout this time, Luis worked hands-on with the SIP technology and his proficiency with SIP’s mechanical systems coupled with his background in managing operations gives him the authority to be Oleum’s Chief Engineer.

Anthony Robert Elia


Anthony Robert “Bob” Elia brings his background in analytics, project management, and writing to his role as Operations Manager for Oleum Technology. His unique career experience is well suited to the nature of this growing company.

Mr. Elia has degrees in Political Science and Psychology from Syracuse University. With his academic background rooted in the social sciences and political philosophy, Mr. Elia began his career as a political consultant, successfully managing campaigns on the local and state levels. His company conducted survey research, managed budgets, performed fundraising and speech writing functions.

As a result of this role Mr. Elia moved to a position as senior legislative aide with the City of Buffalo Common Council where Mr. Elia recognized an opportunity for a private sector career that could also provide benefits for the entire community. With this in mind, Mr. Elia started a real estate development business that focused on acquiring abandoned industrial sites and guiding them through the environmental review and cleanup process - returning them to commercial use and the community. Mr. Elia expanded his development business to include new construction of commercial office space. After many years in the business, Mr. Elia decided to change his path, moving on from his real estate holdings to pursue a lifelong passion for writing.

Mr. Elia wrote and published three novels, eventually expanding his writing to film and documentary work. At the same time, Mr. Elia returned to the private consulting sector starting Reliable Analytics, which provided damage analysis and expert testimony for Wall Street law firms specializing in federal class action lawsuits.

When Oleum offered Mr. Elia the position as Operations Manager, he recognized the perfect opportunity to use all of his acquired experience; in analytics, in project management, and creativity to assist in the worldwide distribution of this exciting and unique technology.

Bladimir Nunez


With over 20 years’ experience in the Administrative, Accounting and Computer Tech Support fields; Bladimir is perfectly suited to be Senior Associate Administrative Specialist.

Mr. Nunez has worked in large and small startups in the Music Industry, Artist Management, Event Planning, Media, and Tech Industry.

As an Administrative Assistant, Office Manager, PC Tech Support and Accounting Assistant, Mr. Nunez has acquired the varied skills and support abilities required of a Senior Associate Administrative Specialist.

Jose Mejias


Jose Mejias was born in Cabimas, Venezuela and came of working age during that country’s oil industry boom. An oilman’s son, Mr. Mejias was educated solely at the Petroleum School of Maraven, and affiliate of PDVSA (the state oil company) in the Zulia Region of Venezuela. He subsequently moved to Maracaibo, Venezuela but brings his 13 years of experience in educational research and development for ASOVAC-Zulia to Oleum Technology.

A graduate Engineer in Computer Science at the University under Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacín (URBE), Mr. Mejias obtained a diploma in the Specialization in Science and Technology Management. He also received training in Instrumentation and Automation of Industrial Processes and is considered a professional analyst and systems developer. It is this training and experience
that has made Mr. Mejias the key to maintaining and operating Oleum’s proprietary software algorithms.

Mr. Mejias worked for MaxiOil & Gas for 4 years in Maracaibo in an AIT Leadership Position before moving to Quito, Ecuador, where he held the same position at BritEnergy for five years.

Mr. Mejias is also active in his community as Coordinator of the Juvenile Science Festival Program, coordinating several presentations of the Youth Festival Program. He also was a co-author of “Science Projects in the Zulia Region,” funded by CONICT in 2005.

Jorge Garzon

Jorge Garzon is an Industrial Engineer. He graduated from the Equinoxial Technological University of Quito - Ecuador, with a Master's Degree in Industrial Safety and Environment from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid – Spain. He has a diploma in Project Management and has over 20 years of experience in the oil industry.

Mr. Garzon started his work in City Investing of Ecuador, which was later named Alberta Energy Corporation, Encan Ecuador and is now known as Andes Petroleum Ecuador Ltd.

For Andes Energy Mr. Garzon was in charge of job development. His roles included Maintenance Technician, Supervisor and Maintenance and Safety Coordinator, Project Management of Development and Implementation. His responsibilities included result analysis, cost control, project monitoring and Operation.

Also, Mr. Garzon is a firefighter Instructor, NFPA board member, university instructor in industrial projects and Industrial Safety, and an adviser and external consultant in installation and improvement of plants, industrial safety and maintenance projects for several companies of the oil sector in Ecuador.

Mr. Garzon speaks 8 languages and is avid road biking enthusiast.

Jesus Salvador Flores Mondragon


Jesus Salvador Flores Mondragon represents Oleum in Mexico and has been essential in the development of the company’s working relationship with Pemex, the Mexico national oil company.

Mr. Flores holds a Petroleum Engineering degree and Masters of Oil Engineering degree from the University of Mexico.  After college, Mr. Flores worked for Pemex in several key functions, eventually becoming the leader of Pemex’s  Office of the Management of Technological Projects. Mr. Flores is recognized as worldwide expert on emerging well technology including; productivity issues, artificial lift systems and optimization of production processes.  He has presented over 30 papers on these topics.

Mr. Flores is a member in longstanding of The Association of Oil Engineers of Mexico (AIPM), College of Oil Engineers of Mexico (CIPM), and the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE.)

His depth of experience in oil technology and his strong support for the SIP system have proven to be a successful combination for Oleum’s efforts in Mexico.

Ficoteq, LLC


 Ficoteq is an experienced oil & gas engineering and technical consulting group familiar with both U.S and international projects. Located in Houston, Texas, Ficoteq operates at the center of the US and world oil industry. Boasting professional engineers with years of experience in the oil & gas industry,
Ficoteq provides Oleum with a strong strategic partnership - overseeing manufacturing and maintaining cost efficiencies, while leading the advancement of the system’s hardware development.

The Ficoteq Team:

 Diego Alvarez- Experienced Managing Director with a demonstrated history of working in the oil & energy industry. Mr. Alvarez is skilled in Gas, Petroleum, Oil & Gas Exploration, Construction, and Metal Fabrication. His is a strong business development professional with a BS In Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering focused in Mechanical Engineer from Universidad Autonoma de Manizales, Colombia.

Arnel Bartolome - Highly motivated and goal oriented manager and engineer with more than 25 years of progressively responsible positions and solid experience and knowledge in design and manufacturing of equipment in Oil, Gas and Energy industries.

Nelson Daza - Engineer in charge of Oleum’s Colombia based manufacturing.

Alkhorayef Petroleum Corporation


Alkkorayef Petroleum Corporation (APC) is based in Saudia Arabia and has partnered with Oleum as their project representative for the Colombia based Ecopetrol installation

Since 1980, Alkhorayef Petroleum has provided top quality pumping systems and components that transform oil and water production, both offshore and onshore, across the globe.

The Alkhorayef Petroleum Corporation name has been synonymous with quality and service globally, with international presence in over 40 countries and six continents. Alkhorayef Petroleum is the first Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) manufacturer in the Middle East, actively competing, technically and commercially, in the oil and water ESP business throughout the Middle East, Africa, Asia, South America and CIS region. Artificial- Lift Products and Components (APC) is the brand name of Alkhorayef Petroleum for all artificial lift components, products and systems for onshore and offshore applications around the world.

APC equipment has enjoyed a strong reputation for reliability, enhanced by their unrivalled support network. Due to the substantially high utilization and productivity rates of APC equipment, many of Alkhorayef Petroleum clients chose to extend their service contracts repeatedly.

APC continually strives to lead the industry in product quality, reliability, and innovation. APC's Engineering Team is committed to utilizing the latest engineering technologies to develop electrical submersible pump system products and components of international standards that continually address the needs of its customers.

In addition to ESP Down-Hole Pump Systems, APC manufactures complete solutions of Horizontal Pump Systems (HPS). APC’s HPS solutions provide highly engineered horizontal pumping systems, which ensure low- maintenance and highly versatile alternatives to the conventional high cost, high-maintenance split-case, plunger and vertical turbine centrifugal pump applications. APC's horizontal pumping systems are a highly viable option for applications in the water, oil, gas, and mining industries where the high-pressure movement of fluids is required.

APC’s Mechanical Engineering Research and Development team has decades of experience in the design and optimization of new electrical submersible pump technologies including high-efficiency, high-temperature, corrosion/abrasive resistant and gas lifting techniques that provide extended run-life in harsh environments.

APC’s Electrical Engineering Research and Development team is committed to moving away from the outdated electronics technologies, so prevalent in the industry today, and introducing new state-of-the-art fixed and variable speed drives, motor controllers and well monitoring systems, utilizing the latest and most reliable electronics technologies. Alkhorayef Petroleum operates two APC manufacturing facilities, nine fully equipped service centers, three technology centers and eleven sales offices in key oil production locations.

By partnering with APC, Oleum Technology, has brought on to the team one of the most respected companies in the oil technology industry.



Wilk Auslander LLP – Jonathan K Bender, Corporate Attorney


Wilk Auslander, the New York based international law firm and partner of Oleum has assigned Jonathan K. Bender to represent Oleum Technology. Mr. Bender is a corporate lawyer with a focus on securities matters and mergers & acquisitions. He represents investment banks, hedge funds, family businesses, and high-net-worth individuals. He also serves as outside general counsel for businesses in a wide range of industries.

Mr. Bender’s securities work focuses on representing issuers and investors in private placements, PIPEs, and exempt transactions. He also advises clients in connection with their 1934 reporting obligations. As a corporate lawyer, he has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, and has represented purchasers and sellers across numerous industries. As outside corporate counsel, he works closely with management and advises his clients on legal
matters pertaining to all aspects of their business.

Araujo, Ibarra & Associates - Javier Trillos


Javier Trillos has lead the Energy & Environment Unit of Araujo Ibarra & Associates since 2013 and has a wide experience consulting for businesses on the implementation of their environmental processes and related investments; and clean development mechanisms. Mr. Trillos advises businesses on the application of environmental fiscal benefits, specializing in environmental and mining areas. In charge of coordinating the activities of the environmental and mining areas of his law firm, he also assists in finding clients legal solutions within the areas of energy and oil industry development.



Gary Mannis


Mr. Mannis’ is an expert patent attorney. A strong supporter of the SIP technology, he continually monitors, protects, and advances all of Oleum’s intellectual property concerns.


Jáuregui y Del Valle, S.C.


    Israel Ledesma Melendez

Israel Ledesma represents Oleum in matters of intellectual property and is responsible for Oleum Mexico copyright. Mr. Ledesma specializes in Intellectual Property, has extensive experience in registration and administrative, civil and criminal litigation in trademarks, patents, plant varieties and copyright. In addition, he is a specialist in organizing and executing anti-piracy and counterfeiting campaigns and has extensive  experience in Internet infringements and social networks related to intellectual property rights. He is also an expert in domain name disputes, having conducted several successful proceedings before the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and being an active participant in updating courses in Geneva Switzerland.
Finally, Israel Ledesma is the author of several articles published in international magazines on Intellectual Property such as IAM Magazine, IPProtheInternet and Managing Intellectual Property.

    Miguel Ishii Yokohama

Miguel Ishii Yokahama represents Oleum’s Mexico corporate legal interests. Mr. Yokoyama has advised clients for more than 20 years in relevant mergers and acquisitions. Clients emphasize the quality of their legal counsel, their willingness to serve, and their ability to propose creative solutions in complex negotiations. Mr. Ishii is actively involved in the structuring, negotiation and documentation of loans and financing.

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