Oleum Technology is the sole global owner and provider of System of Integrated Production (SIP), which increases the production of crude in pumped wells, reduces water cut and eliminates gas emissions by pressurizing the anular space using SIP’s proprietary algorithms. SIP is patented and copyrighted and is a proven technology worldwide.

The technology has proven to:

  • Increase production of crude 10% - 60%.
  • Decrease water cut by up to 25%.
  • Eliminate gas emissions.
  • Extend pump life.
  • Extend reservoir life.
  • Without any risk to the well.
Oleum Technology has produced outstanding results:
How it works - high level description

SIP’s control valve is connected to high resolution sensors and to a solar powered industrial computer containing SIP’s proprietary algorithms, which regulate the well’s gas pressure according to the indications of SIP’s software.

When the control valve is shut, SIP forces free gas to accumulate in the well’s annular space, increasing the pressure in the annulus.

The sensors detect in real time the fluctuations in gas pressure in the annular space and the algorithms process this information, having been calibrated to each individual well.

When the well’s optimal pressure is reached, SIP’s control valve automatically opens and releases any excess through the well’s elimination system.

A new pressurization cycle then begins.


Oleum Technology works with:
  • Onshore and offshore wells.
  • Conventional and non-conventional wells.
  • Vertical, horizontal and multi-directional drilling.
  • ESP, PCP, CMP and rod pumps
  • NOTE: Oleum Technology does NOT work on wells with gas lift or wells with packers
Parameters for Candidate Wells:

Image of SIP remote monitoring connectivity & Solar Power unit:

Image of SIP pump & field connections:

On-Site Installation of Oleum Technology