- Increased BOPD by +93%.
- Increased Gas by +33%
- Average Water Cut -2%

- Increased BOPD by +22.5%.
- Water Cut -2.25%

- Increased BOPD by +44.6%.
- Water Cut -18%

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Produced by SIP - System of Integrated Production

Increased Production - Increased Profits - Quick ROI - Reduced OPEX - Transformed Pump Efficiency - Environmentally Safe - Eliminates Gas Emissions - Reduces Water Cuts

Current Customers

Chevron (Midland) - Devon Energy (Midland)  - PEMEX (Mexico) - SOCG (Texas)
Soon to be deployed at:
ConocoPhillips - Diamondback - Contintental - Hocul (Colombia) - KOC (Kuwait) - PDO (Oman)

Oleum Technology

Offering Environmentally Advanced AI Solutions For Optimization of Oil Wells

SIP Technology

  • SIP increases production primarily by managing annular gas pressure. It also recommends the best complimentary pump speed and tubing pressure.
  • SIP is fully automated and controlled from the cloud by proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms developed over 20 years of research and field experimentation. Using more than 30 data points per well, the algorithms control an annular back pressure valve at the wellhead, constantly adjusting casing pressure in real time.